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Program Manager Assignment
What is the better approach to identify from which area should be the Program Manager assigned with a Program that is enterprise wide?
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Ruth -

This really depends on where these roles "live".

In some companies, there might be an enterprise-level PMO which contains PMs & PgMs who would be engaged for such pan-enterprise initiatives.

If not, then I'd suggest two common approaches are:

1. Pick the PgM from the area which is contributing the "most" to the initiative.

2. Pick the PgM from the area which is impacted the "most" by the initiative.

Program Manager must always have project management skills and knowledge. It does not mean to be a PMIĀ“s or other organization certified person. With that said, the second criteria is what a Project Manager do inside the company and that has to be defined for the company itself. Just to take an example, I was program manager from long time ago including today but my duties change from company to company. The only thing that is common from company to company is that my key accountability is to help to create solutions with all the features that address the client needs and deliver expected benefits with the defined quality. The solution can have multiple components which will created by separate projects then they are integrated into a program.

one aspect is how good should the program manager be able to navigate the stakeholder and political (environment).

I have seen companies hire external people which are clean sheets and not embedded in old boys networks, having interests in other areas, or focus on making a career instead of running a program.

Big programs always do that, like Olympics or other mega-projects (a misnomer, as they are always programs), as they are less embedded but create something new.

The first approach to identify the projects and programs under the new Program required to be developed.
After that to see the relationship among these projects; and choose a program manager that able to build a project management team to lead this new program
I think the best attribute after basic skills is "leadership skills" - the ability to bring people (the team, stakeholders) together to achieve a common goal.

Look for a proven leader then determine what is required to make him/her suitable for the project - training, support staff, etc.

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