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Measurement of introducing a PM framework in the organisation
Hallo dear Project Managers

I'm looking for a way to measure the situation before and after the introduction of out new Project Management Framework.
Up to now, there was no PMO and a common approach to manage all the projects.
But now, we will introduce all these kind of things: training, customised PM-framework etc... and all the projects will be handeled as projects!

But I just wonder how can I measure whether all these efforts and the introduction of a structured framework have had an impact at all?
I want to measure the current situation and then repeat it after 1 year to see the differences. All the PM's in the organisation will be questioned.

Have someone any idea what kind of questions I can pose (now and 1 year later)?

Thanks in advance.
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Essin -

What KPIs are you looking to improve with these changes? Once you have defined those, capture a baseline and then measure those once the changes have been implemented and you have reached a "steady state".

Hello Kiron
I just want to measure the impact of the intoduction on the functioning of each project manager in the organisation. Are they functioning better or not? Are they more competent, succesfull etc....
For the time being, I don't have any KPIs in mind.... I just don't know what to measure exactly....

Hi Essin,
Define your present reality and forecast your future expectations , then measure with the reality on ground.
Is not about meassure. Is about to understand if what you will introduce is a solution to a business problem. Here comes something I hope can help you:
Sergio made a good point.

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