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Help Navigating in a startup media company
I recently started working at a small Media company and have faced many challenges with navigating in this space. There are certain tasks that I am aware of that I need to handle but the CEO of the company is very much involved and doesn't have a definitive map for me to follow. Any suggestions of how to overcome this hurdle?
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It might help a bit if you clarify what your role/responsibilities are. Having a heavily involved CEO in a startup is normal - it's their "baby" after all. In the early days, this is a good thing but as the size of the company increases, they need to start trusting and delegating effectively. Encouraging them to do this will require you to use all your powers of influence and persuasion...

As Kiron mentioned, it's better to know the role you are performing in the small Media Company. If it's "Project Manager", you should apply soft skills to maintain a good relationship with your CEO. Improve the communication with him and construct trust.
Why did they hire you?
What is your unique capability in this firm?
What problems does the CEO have where you could be of help?
Can you draw a map for your tasks by yourself?
Did you connect with all others? Understand their views? Can you help them?
If you have some well defined roles, this may be the start of overcoming the hurdles

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