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eCommerce Site Migration
Our company decided to migrate our current ecommerce (retail) site to another platform. We need to migrate customer accounts, order histories, products, banners, ads, etc. to the new platform. Also we need to disconect the current site to the backend systems, suchs Order Managements, ERP, Warehouse, Logistics, etc. and connect those systems to the new platform. Both systems the actual and the new one will hosted on cloud. I was hopping thar somebody within the community had already exprience this complex project to provide some examples that I can use to at least have a starting point.
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For starters, you need to have a Transition Plan in place to ensure that there is no business interruption maintain BAU (Business As Usual) - This is a key and pivotal starting activity.

Hope this helps.

Prepare a checklist of where you are today and connect the dots for new system by creating your own block diagram. Perform gap analysis and assign owners to different parts of the block diagram.
I am sure this will be helpful. All the best!
I lead the same in my actual company. Is difficult to write about a specific topic because the strategy will depend on the business requirements. For example, in our case, the requirement was business needs to run without interruptions 24/7 then we turn off the old platform and we turn on the new without somebody notice it. So, the first thing is to understand business requirements. Then work closer to the provider and compromise them to fulfil the same business requirements that will drive you to decide the strategy.

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