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Topics: Benefits Realization, Business Analysis, Scope Management
Things I see missing in The PMI Guide to BUSINESS ANALYSIS
Hello everyone,

After going through the different resources for PBA in preparation for the exam, I found the following items missing to be included in the curriculum and wanted to share these ideas here so we can propose it if you agree as well.

First: Business Model Canvas
Building business models is one of the many things BA's usually do since they are designing the solution after fully understanding the problem, the content of the business model canvas forces the BA to look into more parts of the solution and how they all play together. this is an essential part that I think should be part of the guide

Second: Operational model
This is help BAs look further into how different stakeholders will interact with each other to deliver the business value.

Third: Six Thinking Hats the Disney Method
Another technique that is helpful specially before going into interviews and workshops with different stakeholders, it helps the BA specially if was an alone wolf among other team members who are focusing on different areas.

what do you thinik?

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