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PM Goal Setting- Any good resources to help set PM goals for a small team?
Hi All,

Looking to incorporate PM specific goals as part of our overall strategy in future years. With the industry now focusing on project outcomes, I was hoping someone had recommended references that could help us begin our goal planning journey as a small team.

Thanks in advance.

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PM goals are project goals. That´s the basement. With that on hand you can expand it and put additional goals tied to organizational strategy. For example, organizational strategy related to environmental care, people development, diversity and inclusion, etc, etc.
The fact is that we should always have been focusing on the outcomes over simply on-time, on-budget, etc.

Understanding the needs of the business is paramount in then laddering up the necessary or intended outcomes. Why are we doing this, what do we hope to achieve, what is the impact if we achieve it?

Ways to help organizations understand and organize what this is, include utilizing the OKR framework. What is just as impactful as the result of the exercise are the conversations, realizations, and understandings that happen along the way.
In one implementation of OKRs, we came to the conclusion to separate project objectives from people development objectives. You cannot improve a topic (projects, people) if you disperse your levers.

So while project targets stayed put, we measured PMs by their contribution to the team, the organizations and themselves. For example how many people do you mentor, how many contributions to the knowledge base, how many problems did you solve for others. People before process, isn't it?
One of the primary discussion elements with key outcomes during the project initiation phase is around the business case. Key high-level organizational goals and desired outcomes that informs the execution of the project should be agreed-upon. The project manager should then lead his team in ensuring that the project goals are developed such that they will enable the requirements elaborated upon in the business case.
I suggest this is the fundamental point of departure toward project goals development.

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