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Examination in foregin language aid (non-english) computer based format
Initially, I think use local language could help understanding of the exam questions, frankly, it is WRONG. If a pmi exam journey as a 90~180days project in a busy full time work + family life, this could add into lessons learned after an attempt and risk management planning.

My experience on this language aid:

Mistake 1, expectation is not the reality. There is no mock test/demo on this language aid, base on the description, I believe the language aid is on the side of the main English questions. Sorry, questions come from the language aid first, then give an English button to a popup screen for translate all the question" and the popup screen sometime will cover the original screen and your on screen calculator.

Mistake 2, spend a double time in reading & answering. The translation in language aid content is good, but not help, due to terminology, logic and grammar. As a result, spending double time to read and answer questions.

If works and study materials are English based, should we choose the language aid?
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Kwok -

I'd agree that it is not an ideal approach as it might penalize candidates who aren't confident in their grasp of English PM terms. I'd recommend providing feedback to PMI customer care about this...

Make sense.
It can be an improvement opportunity for PMI
i've buy PMBOK 6th edition Bahasa Indonesia version an got confuse with quality of translation, then i continue study with english PMBOK and other english exam preparation resource and pass the exam on a first try.

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