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First Quarter Check-In: What did you achieve so far and what are you planning to achieve in 2021 both Professionally and Personally ?
With the new virtual reality, it's both motivating and exciting to check-in with fellow professionals and see what everyone has been up to:

1) What did you achieve on a professional level ?
2) What did you achieve on a personal level ?
3) What are your plans for the rest of the year ?
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Apr 20, 2021 12:59 PM
Replying to Aaron Porter
I'm not going into the full list, but one of the areas of my professional achievements is maturing our PMO. As part of this, since we aren't buying new tools, I'm leveraging Microsoft's power platform to create a reporting tool for strategic projects.
- PowerApps for data entry
- SharePoint for a back end (will convert to a data source that allows for live data connections later in the year, as it does not exist, yet, and we need the tool now)
- Power Bi for Dashboards
- A Power BI app to distribute the dashboards and data entry app
- I'm looking into using Power Automate to automate refreshes of the Power BI app

Yes, I know, there are tools that do this. We have other priorities, for the coming year. And I'm enjoying building it out.
Thanks for sharing Aaron. This seems to be very interesting. Citizen Development LCNC apps could be very useful, maybe.

Good Luck with your targets.
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