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In the pandemic, what tools or techniques do you use to be able to maintain this principle of face-to-face conversations in the agile environment? Or has the pandemic forced us to be in a hybrid syst
Due to the issue of the pandemic, in many projects it is not possible to work in person and face-to-face conversations. What tools or techniques do you use to maintain this principle of the agile environment? Or has the pandemic forced us to be in a hybrid system?
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Jose -

You can certainly use video conferencing tools in combination with virtual collaboration ones (e.g. Miro) for ceremonies/events, but you can also maintain just-in-time chats using tools such as MS Teams and Slack.

To important things to remember are:

1. The team should establish some working agreements around appropriate use of the tools and ensure that everyone has basic training on their usage.

2. We need to ensure folks can tune out when needed if they are entering flow or deep thought times.

Microsoft teams and similar apps can help a lot.
Virtual standup is key. And quick chat tool to ask questions or initiate a short call if needed.
Could be Teams or even Skype for Business will do the job.
Skype, Blue Jeans, or Zoom are effective platforms for remote communication
I have definitely had to adapt to using virtual communication tools effectively. Before COVID, you could tell how busy I was by how fast I walk from one conversation to the next.

I encourage people to first reach out via IM to figure out the best form of communication for the topic and if the other person is actually available. I don't have time to write long emails all day so encourage phone conversations where back-and-forth is required. If it's more than 3 people on the call, we set up the meeting.

Large meetings involve people in many locations, some that don't allow cameras. In other cases, we can use different resources like Zoom to hold our team meetings so we can get the more personal interaction of seeing our teammates.

Being flexible, adapting to the times, and having the emotional resilience to keep trying to do better has been the name of the game.
I am working with virtual teams using agile based methods from long time ago before the pandemic. So, the key is to redefine what face-to-face means.
we are working with virtual teams, using teams, zoom
I led virtual teams before the pandemic, using teams, zoom and other apps. There is no need of face-to-face or as Sergio mentioned redefine face to face for something like "camera on" meetings.
We have been working remotely for past 7-8 years. For team collaboration we primarily used Skype, MS Team, GoToMeeting. TBH, in terms of collaboration pandemic hasn't changed much the way we have been working.

We turn on camera if necessary, e.g. when we have new participants.

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