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What are the PMO Processes?
The known ones are those for managing a project i.e. Project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring & control, closure. But what are those for a PMO to guide the PMO operations?
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You better review PMBOK carefully.
PMO and project management processes are different, as the purpose of a project and a PMO are different.

There are different flavours of PMOs and they require different functions (detailed by processes if appropriate). Hobbs/Aubry published a PMI sponsored research and detailed 27 typical PMO functions.

The first step is to define the current and planned mandate for the PMO - a charter is a good way to do that.

That will help define the scope of services provided by the PMO which in turn will define the processes required to deliver, sustain and evolve those services.

That's a pretty broad question, so you need to focus in on your ask specifically before we can help you. Are you asking about building a PMO, running a PMO? Focus in and we can help you out!

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