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Is anyone else certified in HR as well as PM?
I am. I am a certified Professional in Human Resources as well as CAPM. I am also a grad student studying for my masters in Human Resource Management. The reason I am curious about this is because in all of my experiences, I have found so much direct correlation between HR and PM and really enjoy putting the two together.

What have been your thoughts on this correlation?
Cynthia -

The PM domain overlaps into many fields including business analysis, business management, HR, procurement/contract law and others.

These overlaps give certain practitioners more of an educational or experiential grasp on specific competencies within the domain and can make them more effective in specific situations.

One risk with such a combination is that a PM with deep HR knowledge might be tempted to deal with issues which the "official" HR folks within their company are mandated or better equipped to deal with. So long as that doesn't happen, I'd feel this is a great combination of skills.


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