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Do you know How a PMP holder can manage customer complains in different way?
First of all a PMP holder has experience on ground and customer experience too. After reading and following the process he should have a new way to manage customer.
1-He must clearly know that customer management improvement is important for his project
2-Check all the process set before for that so he can identify what's not working
3-Prepare and implement improvement plan based on your new knowledge
4-Assess your new plan result
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Seka -

This has nothing to do with having or not having the PMP credential. The PMP exam tests that you have sufficient experience and can pass an exam, not that you are a competent, professional project manager.

I agree with Kiron. PMP designation has nothing to do with this.
One can hope that on your trip to PMP you picked up some fresh ideas and tools to assist with stakeholder management and maybe recognized the importance of managing all aspects of project delivery.

However, as Kiron writes, the certificate does not in itself confer competency, but may improve the probability that the certificate holder has the knowledge and experience necessary to be considered a skilled practitioner.

I personally find the the exam format, multiple answer selection, does not enhance good project management practice. Most problems faced by a PM are much more complex - answers a, b, c, or d, are, in many case, all correct (or alternatively all wrong) given an opportunity for clarification and explanation..
Kiron Bondale tells the truth. PMP designation has nothing to do with this)

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