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Online/Virtual Prioritisation Recommendations
Does anyone have any recommendations for software/online tools that will help me to run a virtual prioritisation session?

We used to do this all in one room, using a prioritisation grid and good ol' post-it notes but the team is now all working from home so I'm looking for a good substitute if anyone has had to go through this?
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Helen -

you could consider using Miro or Mural. Both are great virtual collaboration tools with all the basic shapes (including sticky notes) that you'd need to be able to do almost any type of prioritization including prune the product tree and buy a feature...

Fantastic, thank you!
I have not used Miro or Mural suggested by Kiron. However, they seem helpful based on the explained features.
Not sure if you are using JIRA. We create our epics for a release and do prioritization over JIRA with just dragging and dropping as we discuss and conclude the priority.
I am doing this from more than 20 years ago. Today we are using Miro. But the tool is not the important thing. The process is the key, mainly in virtual distributed teams.

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