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Moving to True Agile Project Approach and processes
I am using a Hybrid approach to Agile but need to move them to use true Agile. What PMI course would help me get certified in order to lead the transition to Agile?

I also want to be certified as a SCRUM master so would like to know what others used as a good course or training.
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Joy -

Certification isn't a substitute for experience so I'd focus on that first prior to pursuing a certification. PMI's higher DA certs (DAVSC for example) are focused on those roles which help organizations to transform their delivery approaches. I'd also suggest the DASM or DASSM certifications as an alternative to a plain CSM or PSM as you'll get a broader appreciation of agile approaches than just one flavor.

The problem is some people is mixing things. One thing is the approach (Agile, Lean, etc), the what, and other thing is the method/framework that could help (could help) to implement the approach, the how. Sorry to say this, but certifications, mainly in Agile field, are waste (I have certifications, but I have to be honest with you). People have to understand that a two/three day course will not help with that. So, the first thing is to understand what Agile is, second to understand if Agile will solve a business problem, third go for it and perhaps for going for it a method/framework could help.

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