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Topics: Energy and Utilities, Government, New Practitioners
Looking for ideas on how to introduce very basic project management concepts to people given the responsibilty of PjM without guidance/training.
Kelley Neal Enterprise Project Manager| City of Naperville Lisle, Il, USA
After a career as a project manager in the telecom development world, I moved to work in city government to manage IT projects. With minimal resources available, people from the utility or public safety organizations are asked to project manage their own projects. Most of the time, these folks have no background or guidance on what it really means to project manage any project. I'm trying to pull together some guidelines or resources for folks that get anointed project managers to give them very basic tools to help them succeed. If you have any suggestions or ideas on ways to simplify something like a project plan, I'm all ears. Thank you for your help!
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Peter Rapin Subject Matter Expect; Project Delivery| Independent Consultant Ontario, Canada
Find out where they need help, what are their typical problems. Give then guidance, specific tools, etc., on how to solve their immediate project problems. Take care not to impose processes/solutions to non-existing problems.
If there are budget over runs, find tools to help them manage costs.
If there are on-time delivery problems, introduce CPM scheduling.
If there are quality issues, implement quality management processes (QA, QC).
If there are procurement and contractual failures, focus on procurement and contract management procedures.
Reactive versus proactive management style, introduce risk management.

The key to success is to introduce useful processes, not theory. Once the team has seen the benefits it will be easier to bring them along with project management concepts.
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