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Are KPIs necessary for all projects?
We are doing a project for installation of CCTV. I understand that there will be KPIs from the iron triangle. What other KPIs can we possibly have?
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KPIs shall cover all project data and shall cover quality, Safety, Planning, cost, performance , ........

simply all procedures your apply in your project may include potential for issuance of KPIs
Yes and no. It depends on your interpretation and expectation of KPIs.
You may define them as acceptance criteria, or ... .
KPIs are essential in all projects. By using them, you can check the performance of many fields of your project.
It is entirely up to you what you want to measure based on the project needs.
To my mind, you have to check what process or field will probably cause threats in your project, and then you can establish the proper KPIs.
Having the correct KPIs, you can predict future issues.
The biggest issue I am having with KPIs on my NEW projects is simple. These are based on new and emerging technologies and NO established KPIs that are accepted as standard.
yes agree that it all is about review progress, identify risks/issues, define corrective action metrics.
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