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How can I implement PM to 20 projects, that never had a Project Manager previously, all at once?
I have been a project manager now for close to a decade. However, my experience has been for a large corporate tech company that only managed 1-3 projects at a time, due to the size of those projects. There were also set processes and workflows in place from the beginning. I recently took on a role at a Creative Agency that currently only has 7-10 active employees all working on every project. They have never had a project manager before, have no documented workflows or processes and are currently working on 20+ projects.

I am comfortable creating process and workflows for future projects, that I will have the chance to help launch from beginning to end, however my issue and stress right now is on the 20+ client projects that are well under way, and there is no structured project managment system in place for those projects.

As a new member of the team, how do I get control of the already active projects, without delaying deadlines or allowing something to fall through the cracks?
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All wonderful answers thank you so much
So many good answers that it is difficult to add anything new or valuable.

Perhaps worth to mention the Kingman's formula in order to "sell" the idea of having a certain set of processes in place and thereby increase resource efficiency. In short, the higher the variation in the process(es), the longer the throughput time.
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