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Welcome to the Organization PM discussion thread!
Hello, and welcome!

My name is Mark Mullaly, and I'm the department manager for the section entitled 'Organizational Project Management'.

We started up this thread, and the department, because managing projects in an organizational environment is difficult and challenging. At the same time, so very many of us are trying to do exactly that. Whether you are a project manager, a PMO leader or someone trying to implement an organizational approach, this part of has been built expressly for you.

Over the coming weeks and months we'll explore the challenges that often are encountered in an organizational environment -- whether in terms of stucture, process, tools, relationships or organizational politics. In particularly, though, we'll work to identify solutions that work: strategies you can employ, processes that can have an impact, software that makes a difference.

We hope that you will find the new department, and this dicussion thread, a useful resource. We encourage you to come back often. Even more, we encourage you to participate. Ask questions, provide feedback, make suggestions. Participate!

I look forward to the discussions!

With best regards,
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Hello Mark

Will you be able to start by explaining exactly what you mean by Organisational PM, and how it differs from 'normal' PM?

What a good idea! I know that in the Stanford Advanced Project Management program, this really is the whole focus and one of the ways we differentiate is the difference between a single person being productive (say, by becoming an obsessive list-maker or something like that) and a whole group of people firing on all cylinders. You may use some of the same techniques, but it's a whole different ball of wax when you're talking about the entire organization...and much of it relates not only to executing your projects, but also to selecting and integrating them.
Good, look forward to it. Also good to start by listing what are the problems we are facing in managing projects in organizational environment.
I admit I am intrigued by the term "difficult and challenging".

Is it that the work , the systems used, the personal interactions, the conflicting opinions, the evaluation criteria, immensity of the efforts, and/or the entrenched organizations biases are all difficult to work through or work within? Is it challenging because it's hard to understand, solve, comprehend, or deal with?

Could it be that the "organization" just isn't ready to handle so much change or "good practice" at one time?

I'm looking forward to hearing how organizational "limits" both work for and work against best practices in establishment of the corporate project practice.


Great to start a line of thought along this topic. As Elizabeth is mentioning it would be great if you elaborate on what is the meaning of managing projects in an organisational environment.

To my understanding all projects are embedded in an organisation and most of them are difficult and challenging. So some explanation would be appreciated

Looking forward to the development of this thread
Isn't it OPM you are mentioning? (which includes project, program, portfolio and organizational enablers)

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