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What project management software do you use?
For my experience, I only use eTaskMan to handle and assign tasks. It 's because it's free and it's a web based site. Normally, I am not in the office so when the new project arrives, i can assign to my co-worker online immediately. Not only that, they use tag function allowing to save time to switch to other projects.
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I’ve had a great experience using Microsoft Project 2010. It’s a really simple project management software that helps me maximize the efficiency and quality of my projects. This software also helps to plan new projects alongside current ones, monitor ongoing work, and promote collaboration.

I use MSP as well. However I read you assign a co-worker it might be MSP has too many options and a more simple tool might serve the need

I use MSP and also ApolloHQ. Apollo is more for task management and customer contacts, as it doesn't have a Gantt chart feature.

I have used Project.Net before ( It is very intuitive and easy to use and it is free.

I have had a great experience with AtTask's project management software, which has varying capabilities according to the level of user. There is something called Teamhome, where all of one's personal task management is located, then there are additional levels of project management and project portfolio management. AtTask basically encompasses everything within work management, and puts all users in one location. So, rather than having a bunch of different software tools for each department to manage their work, you only need one software for everyone.
I use Workgroups. It includes tools for DAM, proofing and review, financial management, workflow, and scheduling.

We usually use Easy Projects ( for our development tasks and
Birdview Projects ( to keep track of marketing activtites.

It is worth considering web based solutions but you need to check out if your employer will approve you putting your project data ooutside of their own corporate network- I have yet to find one that would.

Further to my earlier post, I just noticed that Bruce Schneier's blog has a post today about the security of cloud solutions

We at Glodyne have an Enterprise Application for Process & Project Management right from requirement management to testing with a real time visibility to the project status/reports across the organization.

• Whizible™ Execution:
To ensure successful execution through an integrated approach to project management, quality & process compliance, and human resource optimization.
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