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Matching the project manager’s leadership style to project type
Do you agree with Müller, R., & Turner, J. R. (2007) that the interaction of the project manager’s leadership style with project type has a combined impact on project success?

A recently developed integrated model of intellectual, emotional, and managerial competence (IQ, EQ, MQ, respectively) is used to identify project managers leadership styles. A web-based questionnaire was used to determine the leadership style of project managers and relate that to the success of their most recent projects. These are related to project types, using a recently developed categorization system for projects.
These quantitative results are validated against qualitative results obtained using semi-structured interviews of managers responsible for assigning a project manager to projects. They underwent a research project with the aim of determining whether:
1. the project manager’s leadership style influences project success
2. different leadership styles are appropriate for different types of projects.

Do you as Portfolio Managers couple certain project managers’ styles to the different project types? What methods do you use?

Müller, R., & Turner, J. R. (2007). Matching the project manager’s leadership style to project type. International journal of project management, 25(1), 21-32.
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I would say "Yes". It is almost true.

Leadership style definitely influences the project success because it does reflect on the team, client and the way the project is run.

Different leadership styles are not only applicable to project type but within a project itself, the PM might need to wear different hats and pivot from one leadership style to another when dealing with different teams.

One style fits all doesn’t work anymore and it’s important for a skilled PM to adapt their leadership style based on the different situations, projects and teams.

John -

Like nearly everything else with projects, context counts. Depending on the constraints, the team's make up and other factors, leadership style will need to be tailored to fit.

This ability to adapt one's style to fit the needs of the project is just one of the many reasons why a broad breadth & depth of experience is needed for someone to be a competent PM.


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