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Topics: Using PMI Standards
PMBOK V7 Not Impressed. V6 Provides More Value
In comparing the new PMBOK 7th edition to the sixth edition I’m not really impressed with the shift in focus from process-based to principals-based guidelines and standards doesn’t really provide much benefit in terms of establishing guidelines and standards for how to perform project management. The standards section of the new 7th edition don’t really stand out as “standards”. The 7th edition is more descriptive than prescriptive like the 6th edition was.

At least they are still keeping the sixth edition and it’s agile extension active which I continue to find more helpful when determining a standardized process lifecycle approach to refer to in performing both traditional and agile project management. Additional feedback/opinions on this topic is welcomed
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I fully agree with you. It seems to me (because in version 7 there was not public debate on the content) the PMI tried to follow the new "agile wave" and make a first integration with the adquire DA, but in this way the PMBOK is more "software products" oriented than ever. In my opinion the debate should was if project manager is a tactic role or an strategic role. Then, the PMBOK would still be a guide about "the how" instead the actual version which has a level of abstraction that make it unusable mainly in lot of domains than software. With that said, the intention to make it with less pages with references to a new PMI´s site where techniques and practices could be found fail too. At the end, I guess all these stuff is part of a new PMI strategy trying to adapt to new waves. Unfortunatelly, in my personal opinion, is a wrong step.
John -

There's been a couple of fairly long discussion threads on this topic with folks falling on both sides of the divide. Tailoring to fit a project's context is important, so the lack of prescription is a good thing. However, this doesn't mean that the guide couldn't provide greater guidance for specific situations, similar to what the DA toolkit does.

Both standards combined, provides great value in my opinion. The 7th edition alone, maybe not so much but there is for sure some added value.
Agree, John, the value is less than before.
PMI lost its leadership.

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