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PDU's not showing after watching videos
I currently have 4 On-Demand webinars that I have watched in their entirety which show as 0%, 0%, 33% and 66% complete respectively. Therefore, they are translating into PDU's. Does anyone know why this may be? I had this happen on one video a while back but all of these have occurred in the last few days. While I enjoyed the content it is disappointing that it doesn't count towards my PDUs.
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Sometimes it happens due to a glitch or maybe your connection was interrupted. I suggest you email PMI with this issue or just claim the PDU's manually.
I earned my PDUs allways watching on demand videos in In my case, to see the PDUs assigned takes 2-3 days long. My recommendation is contact PMI´s Customer Services just in case you did not do that.
Sometimes pausing a recorded webinar too long mucks up the percentage viewed. When that happens, I just watch it again from the beginning without stopping.
Sometimes it takes time to be posted online. Also, make sure that you have not watched the one you had watched previously. You get the PDUs only for the first time
Hi Justin - Please feel free to reach out to [email protected] if you continue to see an issue with the PDUs being recorded to your account. Thanks!
This happens sometimes when your connection has been interrupted, also, you must wait a certain time while PMI processes your PDUs.
Thanks so much for all the feedback. Much appreciated. They (PDUs) did seem to reconcile after waiting a few days.

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