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Agile approach for a VUCA or BANI world?
In a VUCA or BANI world, is the agile approach the most appropriate in projects?
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Agile is the most appropriate form to adapt to BANI or VUCA environment. The ambiguity component of VUCA is mainly fought with agility. BANI uses agility to adjust to the current situation of climate and global change.
Jorge -

It really depends on the context of a given project. There are NO absolutes when it comes to picking the best approach for a given project. In general, as complexity increases, an adaptive approach is likely to be more successful than a highly predictive one, but there could be many reasons why an adaptive approach wouldn't be the right answer for a specific project.


My thoughts are in line with Kiron's - I believe adopting a hybrid approach is the best in such environments as it will give you the ability to be nimble and pivot.

I would add to Kiron and Rami that you should not consider adaptive and predictive as opposite ends of a single spectrum. Treat them instead as separate "dials" that you can increase or decrease throughout your project as needed.
The problem is when new buzzwords like this arrives and people that create it because they try to bring water for his mill do not understand that it jeopardize the work of lot of other people. The World has this characteristics from long long time ago. My recommendation is going to the genesis of topics like Lean and Agile and you will understand the reasons from the approaches. And by the way: Agile was born in manufacturing not in software and it was in 1990 trying to find an alternative to Lean. When you read the original papers for both approaches you will find there the intentions to create them and the answer to your question. I hope people (not you) stop to invent what they think are new ways to sell something.

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"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

- George Bernard Shaw