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How do we register for pmi course
Im a young adult who wants to build a career in the engineering sector
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What course are you interested in?
You better pay your local PMI Chapter a visit.
First thing, best is to get a PMI membership but it’s not a must, however, you need to create a PMI profile anyways.

You can the. go to PMI website, then to Learning and Events and then under learning chose Online Courses. The registration afterwards should be straight forward.

Hope this helps.
As an early career engineer, I would suggest considering other options than the paid courses. You will start getting involved in some aspects of PM within a couple years, but mostly assisting.

You can find lots of free online tutorials about many aspects of PM. Start by exploring on what you're working on, and where you have PM related questions.

I took a PM course while working on my engineering senior design project and tried to apply it all on my project. It did not go well. I would have been much better off trying to apply a couple relevant PM concepts to my work, than to try and insert everything I learned into work already in progress.
This page shows multiple options to accede to PMI courses:
Please go through this link you will get everything -

I hope this helps

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