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Volunteering: What it means to you
I am looking for current thoughts on volunteering and what it means to you. I appreciate all your thoughts.
1. What motivates you to volunteer?
2. What types of volunteer activities would you like to engage virtually?
3. What types of volunteer activities would you like to engage in person?
4. What types of recognition/incentives would you like to receive as a volunteer, if any?
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1. Assisting others in areas of my expertise. I think we can learn a lot from each other, as long as we are open minded and practice active listening.
2. Hearing guest speakers talk about topics as it relates to career or professional development. By doing so we can increase production and morale.
3. Making a difference in our local communities. Whether that be picking up trash or helping an organization such as Habitat for Humanity.
4. None. I would just prefer to know that I'm adding value as a volunteer, as well as what we contributed to as a team.

Hope this helps
1 get knowledge;
2 facilitates, presentation;
3 facilitates
4 PDUs, certificadas

volunteering almost continuously since 1998 for PMI changed my life, my behaviours/mindsets and my professional standing.

Being part of a community motivates me but practical benefits like getting recognition, using volunteering as a sandbox, having a global network, seeing others succeed also because of my 5 cents are important to me.

In a global network, virtual engagement is normal, occasional f2f meetings are indeed highlights though. Even in my local mentoring relationships, due to Corona restrictions, I did not meet people in person but thru zoom - it worked well.

One value of leaders is humility, so I am not looking out for recognition, longing for batches and needles, and like to give kudos to others rather than thinking I was important.

The benefit I get out of volunteering is indeed respect, reputation, a large network, and being asked to help. Mostly for free, sometimes for a fee.
Arlene -

Someone (or a few someones) helped us get to where we are in our careers and if we can return the favor to others, we should.

Folks volunteer for a variety of reasons. In my case at the beginning, it was to grow my network and to improve my odds at job & gig opportunities. At this point, I do it because I want to give back to the PM community, not because I stand to gain anything from it.

I tend to prefer asychronous voluntary work which I can do at my own pace and on my own time rather than in person where people's schedules invariably create challenges.

Recognition? A simple "Thank you" is good enough, but I'm not averse to getting some cool swag either :-)

Thank you everyone for sharing and "volunteering" your insights and lived experiences on the humble act of volunteerism. I echo your thoughts on the values of volunteering: knowledge, respect, reputation, networking, and giving back. Yes, I am with you on the asynchronous nature of voluntary work because for me it connotes freedom in what I love to do. Cheers to all of you.
It is our social responsibility.

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