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Known companies that hire entry level project managers?
I'm looking for an entry job as a Project Coordinator or entry-level project manager role. Does anyone know of a known company or PMO in Houston area or one that has remote roles?

( I'm currently studying for my PMP certification)
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I recommend you contact PMI Houston local chapter. They could provide some good leads.
If there are specific employers in the Houston area that interest you, I suggest you approach them with your résumé. Don't wait for a job to be posted, put yourself out there.
A word of caution: "entry level PM" usually means project controller/administrator. It's not leading anything so much as counting things that are late and putting them on a chart so that management can decide what if any course of action to follow. It is however one way to get your foot in the door.

Very large companies with deep organizational structures often hire people straight out of college for that with no experience necessary.
You can search online for Huston remote jobs:
I agree with Keith. You better look for managing small projects.

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