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What are some ways you reenergize your Project Management career?

It’s happened to all of us…the proverbial project management brick wall. These are the times in your career where there’s just not the same amount of joy, satisfaction, feeling of accomplishment, and thrill that used to be there when you first started as a project manager.

What are some of the things you do to break through this brick wall, reengage, and come out even stronger than before as a project manager?
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Having taken an unplanned hiatus from some PM Contracts, I had the time to reflect on what I really liked, what I wanted to focus on and what my real skills were to find a match to new opportunities.
I like the profession and I missed the work - so now I have had the advantage to re-focus on what I want to do.


3 ways I can suggest.

1) Learn a new certification. It could be PMP, it could be a MBA or some other degree.

2) Start up a new methodology in your next project.

3) Change your company - this is extreme, but it can reinvigorate you.

When I am facing my brick wall, I try to think about people who are in worser situations/conditions than mine, and notice them striving harder and not giving up. This helps me boost my will to give my best shot.

It really helps a lot; because it makes you to focus on re-engaging and then you forget all about the brick wall.

I'd say look at the recent focus here on philanthropic PM work - find a charity or other good cause that you can contribute your PM skills to either pro bono or at a discount.

Seeing what you can do, that provides unequivocal good outcomes for real people, rather than just improving the bottom line of a faceless organisation, can give a real boost personally to your self-view and your appreciation of just what a great profession we are in!

Of course most of the time we still have to work on business style projects, and of course business profit is still the foundation of economic success which benefits everyone, but getting into a situation of seeing more direct and personal contribution can be a true inspiration.

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