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Any experience with SAP Project and Portfolio Management

Hello! Recently my company finalized implementing SAP RPM and cProject 4.5 to manage our Engineering projects. Unfortunately, the implementation team left and left behind a knowledge vacuum. The little we know about the solution makes it a big risk that Engineers might go back to the old way of managing projects via Excel and MS Project. If anybody has run or is running SAP PPM I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi Omar,

How is possible that the implementation team left without complete the training? Did you review the contract with your provider.

In IT implementation project, training and documentation are key for a successfully Go-live.

My recommendation, look for some expert in training or SAP SEM.

Good Luck

The deployment team is usually contracted for local PPM implementation eventually key user training and some documentation .. not end-user training.

The documentation they provide is usually deployment related, the functionality is covered only at a high level. The userbase is usually trained separately through SAP courses if required. It looks like the guys there ate all the budget with deployment, or no one thought what are the next steps ..
Try the SAP help for the time being ... then ask management for official SAP training if you need to use that module as per your job description.

Hi Omar -

Yikes. Like Maria my first recommendation would be to review the contract with the implementation team.

Paul and Maria's suggestion to get training is spot on.

That said, your concerns about engineers falling into bad habits is telling. If there was no training or change management included in the project (and related funding), this is a huge red flag.

I would go to the sponsor and apprise them of the well-know risks of deploying software without the proper front and back-end process work and see if you can get traction there, even before any training occurs.

Good luck

Hi Omar,
I am working in a construction industry for a projectized organization where we have implemented 8 modules of SAP for all the activities of business. we have used the services of a software developer to get the work done for us whereas we have spent or time in devising the system analysis and design portion with the help of a number of functional experts and stake holders.
the system is working excellent.

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