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Practice Areas: Financial Services
Is project management a necessary tool in banking and finance?
What are the benefits of project management in this regard? Is it a necessary tool for banks and finance managers to have?
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Yes very much. Banks & Finance organisations need to rollout new products and services regularly and this require structured project mgmt approach to plan & deliver these functional & ready to use products in time. Banks are now exploring agile project mgmt methodologies as they have most of their teams in house.

I worked for Deutsche Bank and realized banks can benefit a lot for professional agile project mgmt to get business value on time.

Now I spread the message & skills to promote same.


Depends on the environment - many banks and finance managers do "business as usual", following established process that changes relatively rarely, and can therefore manage fine without PM expertise, and bring in external expertise when things do need to change.

If however those managers are working in an organisation where change is rapid, they will likely get involved in it regularly, so at least some expertise in project management will help them.

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