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Is it possible to import graphical indicators to Microsoft Project?

Has anyone figured out a way to add additional Graphical Indicators to the 50 or so that come with Microsoft Project? I have tried, with no luck, to spot the system file that contains the existing indicators. It would be nice to be able to add additional Graphical Indicators that are more aligned with and suitable for PMO use.
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Hi Mark, I don't believe there is a way to do this in MS Project client. One workaround I've used in the past is to use VBA code to insert a symbol type font to a spare text column to add new indicator. As far as graphical I know of none. If being used for PMO use, wouldn't it be better to use something like Project Server with their reporting and dashboards?

Thanks Don, I will give that a try. So hoping that Microsoft would address this as a feature within MS Project. The use case for this stems from very small PMOs and Program Offices that do not have and do not want a tool like Project Server, but that would like to still prepare periodic graphical reports and dashboards. The features of MS Project such as Graphical Indicators, Conditional Formatting, and Copy as a Picture make it easy to prepare nice PMO dashboards graphics that include text, data, graphical indicators, and of course those nice tracking ganttcharts of actual/estimates and baselines all of which can be marked up with HTML mouse-over text and hyperlinks, etc. If only MS Project would allow you to import you own Graphical Indicators..! Thanks again...

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