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Hostess Brands closes because of poor project management?

Hostess Brands closes because of poor project management? Of course not. Project management and business professionals (we) continue to be the best that we can be, yet all those served by us continue make such a mess of things. How can you not be bothered by Hostess closing its doors? So who is to blame? Well, not project managers and business professionals. We continued to pursue high levels of capability, integrity, and ongoing improvement in our craft, yet we have no immunity to the actions of those that perpetuate and stand to gain from the "we vs they" tactics of mutually assured self destruction. Aside from hope and prayer, a strategy that few process-oriented folks would first advocate, what can we as project managers and business professionals do? Or do we, like the band on the Titanic, content ourselves with playing in tune as the ship goes down? Does anyone have guidance to share? Or a Twinkie..!

I am not too familiar with the details, but I doubt we could say that project managers and business professionals bear no responsibility.

"Aside from its unionized workforce, analysts, bankers and restructuring experts have said that a fleet of inefficient and out-of-date factories has also eaten up costs." source

If anything, I'd say the blame rests squarely on the business leaders and project managers - punching the clock inside their pre-defined boxes and not seeking out continuous improvement through projects guided by Lean principles and cultivating an environment where staff felt the need to become unionized in the first place.

My admittedly uninformed $0.02


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