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Is the success of your project based on faith and prayer?

As I had a conversation with a team member towards the end of a project that was nearing it’s eventual successful completion, we both concluded the conversation by saying we “pray the project finishes without a hitch.” It dawned on me that many of my conversation regarding the projects that I worked on whether it related to issues, completion of tasks, budget approvals almost always ended with “I pray [insert project topic] get’s done!”

What have you prayed for recently on your projects?

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I have stopped to pray when there have been challenges presented on projects. At times PMs feel that the best of PM practices cannot solve the issues their projects are facing. I have a greater sense of hope and peace in those times when I turn them over to God.

I have sacrificed a chicken or two on a dark altar, but that was less about project success and more about wishing a particularly annoying stakeholder would take the place of the chicken...

Don, great post with far more to it than initially meets the eye. I so laughed at Julien's response as it hits too close to home. I often find myself wishing for and sometime's praying for certain kinds of things to happen or stop happening that relate to or impact the project and/or business in general for which we have the opportunity to do projects. Of late, I find myself praying for "World Peace" and all that comes with societal stability and economic growth. I also pray for the wisdom, integrity, and courage of our world leaders to do the right thing... Having been around a little of the world, I am continually amazed at (1) the beauty of it all and (2) how we make a mess of things...

Yes, agree. Julien's comment is always funny to read.
As we know, we have the RAID logs. Should we add another Prayer log to the collection so that we can track what we have prayed for too (just in case there are too many that we've lost track of it)?

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