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Why cant you find and project failure statistics on projects other than IT.
The project failure statistics available on the internet primarily deal with Information Technology type projects, this particular industry tend to be more vigilant than others when analysing their successes and failures. A lot of the studies were conducted a number of years ago (mid to late 90’s) with the most recent information being contained in the annual Chaos Report, however, there does not seem to be a great deal of information on other project types. Can anyone explain why this might be, am I misinterpreting the information, or are other industries not as concerned about failure?
I would be interested in any information people might be able to direct me to.
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I think there is other information about project failure out there, but you'll have to go digging for it in the journals. For example, here's one that I know about from last year that covers international development projects:

Ika, Lavagnon A. 2012. ‘Project management for development in Africa: Why projects are failing and what can be done about it.’ Project Management Journal, Vol 43, No 4, pp27-41.

As with all journal articles it's academic in tone, but I've summarised it for the lay person here: Why Projects Are Failing in Africa and part 2 of that article is here.
This article discusses strongly about "why software fails" with true examples of situations.

There is lots of data out there. You may broaden your search and look for Non IT Project failures. I did a quick search and found this information on slideshare:

Let us know what you find and share.

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