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Clashing personalities - How Do You Deal With Them?

How do you handle team members who find themselves lacking in soft skills? Or, how do you handle coworkers who are highly emotional/sensitive?

One of the last projects I worked on I found myself constantly upset after interacting with another team member. Nice guy, but had ZERO social skills. And I interpreted a lot of what he said to me as quite harsh/abrupt. It occurred to me he may have Asperger's (my nephew actually is, which is probably why it came to my mind).

Whether he did nor not, taking a step back and realizing that it wasn't personal, but that it was just the way he is (just like how I tend to be a bit sensitive and emotional) helped me deal with our interactions a little better.

How do you usually deal with clashes in personalities and dispositions when working with other team members?

Thanks and wonderful questions raised. In the high pressures of delivering the project objectives, more often than not, we tend to miss the people centric integrities. I have encountered with several similar situations and noticed that if you choose you keep detached with Nothing Personal attitude and manage to avoid conflict in initial 3-4 occurrences then it eases eventually and tends to become more and more favorable

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