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Please share your insights from the Congress!
Welcome to the Congress Continued discussion group on Organizational Agility! To "get the party started," please do share your insights on the topic of Organizational Agility, of which there were a great many speakers at the Congress. For me, what really hit home was the fact that as Steve Garfien declared in his presentation, "we're all change leaders, whether we like it or not" - we all need to be agile leaders to lead change in our rapidly-changing organizations!
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Thanks Barbara for kicking this off. I thought the PMI-Xchange conversation was interesting. It sounds like everyone at our table agreed that it all starts with awareness. I would also add that an honest assessment of where the organization stands can provide data that could at least get the conversation started on the strengths and opportunities to leverage in the quest of always getting better.

I know you mentioned a couple of organizational surveys during our discussion and it would be great if you could share them here. I have been working on a enterprise-level agility analytics tool and I am very interested to find out what other tools are out there!
Thanks for asking! During our X-Change conversation on Changing Culture I mentioned several assessment tools to measure culture. My favorite is the one developed by the first researcher to quantify culture, Dan Denison, and you can learn more at - Also, a book that was published recently also contains organizational culture diagnostic methods and tools - called "Build the Culture Advantage" which you can find on Amazon. Please do share other resources as you investigate "agile" and "analytics" at the enterprise level.
The Denison survey looks great. Twenty years... timeless!
Thank you Barbara for sharing the link. The tool I am using is called ReadyforAgile. It's a self assessment tool at the enterprise level based on organizational characteristics aligned with Agile. It helps to know where the organization stands before it embarks on agile adoption. This also helps provide a strategy that leverage strengths and address opportunities based on the assessment results.

I can email you more information if you like.

Mike - I'm so glad you found the Denison assessment information useful! In addition to the cultural assessment, his team has also developed a "360" feedback tool for leaders, to assess their strengths and gaps, that is consistent with the dimensions on the cultural survey. So, a very nice link between the individual and organizational levels.

Salah - it sounds like you have developed a much-needed tool! Yes, I'd be interested in learning more. You can email me at and also feel free to post information for the community!

Here are two videos explaining how the product works.

Part 1:
Part 2:

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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