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What fuels resistance to change in your organization?
Research and experience tell us that resistance to change is natural. It goes without saying (but I will) even the most adaptable people need some period of adjustment. What about the not-so-readily adaptable? What fuels their resistance to change in your organization?
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At one of my former companies, it seemed that budget always was a huge factor in resistance...almost a fear that a large amount of money would be required to pull off anything. But instead of diving in to really find out, it was easier to just say "we don't have the budget for that."
Those that have shown resistance to change are those that were not convinced that we would change for better. And sometimes, it looks like "better" means "better for their own situation" and not "better for the company".
Other times the issue was not that they were resistent to the change itself but they were fearing that the project would take too much resources, affecting negatively their daily operations during the project time.
Hi All... Much of the resistance I see stems from a loss of control in one way or another to one degree or another. Even when people initially have a positive perception of the coming change, they exhibit signs of resistance when they realize they don't get to call all the shots, something isn't going to be as they assumed, there are unexpected consequences (e.g., I have been freed from low value time-consuming tasks [good news] but I am uneasy about how you want me to invest the new-found time [bad news]).

What are others seeing?

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