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So, who here has come over from the former PMI Pharma CoP?

PMI's former model of community collaboration was @ 35 Communities of Practice (CoP), of which one was devoted to the Pharmaceutical industry.

I was wondering how many of the former Pharma CoP members made it over to

If you have "come over", please connect with me here.

Jim Deiner
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I think I made it through the maze :) And am pretty surprised that I found this post!!! Would never have noticed it except for your name.

I am here too. :)
We need this discussion post on the Pharma Practice homepage to see who all have managed the transition so far. It will also be good to get their feedback so others can leverage and navigate their way into the new environment.

Uh oh, it's just us.

After quite a bit of surfing, I found my way here....
Rick Berry RPh, MSBA, PMP

Yeah, I have had trouble finding things on


Welcome to the community everyone! Thanks for finding your way over to the Pharmaceutical Industry Practice Area and for jumping into the discussion.

We definitely appreciate the feedback your site experience and appreciate you taking the time to post. In the meantime, this video might help you for now:

(This video sits in The Critical Path blog, which is our community blog.)We have more "How-To" instructions in The Critical Path, which is the community blog. We'll continue to make announcements and post tips in this blog.

Also - note that the most recent posts in the practice area are on the Practice Area homepage - scroll down and you'll see the posts pull in at the bottom.

As always, if you have any questions/concerns, feel free to send me a message through the private message system.

I'm here!

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