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PMP exam preparation
I am preparing for PMP exam and would like to know which text book is the best to use for my preparation
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Hi John,

I would like to share an article about How to prepare for PMP Certification? This will boost up your PMP Preparation. Coming to the Books PMBok5 is the best one to prepare for PMP. And you can try Rit's Book also.
Rita Mulcahy is believed to be the most appropriate. This book + Rita's Fastrack + PMBOK itself were enough for me.
Hi John, I studied for the test using the PMBOK and Rita Mulcahy's prep book and passed it on the first try. Good luck!
Most of my clients limit to one book with PMBOK , many like rita others explore Head first and KIM , so it depend on your style. Rita can be considered as default recommendation.

You may check my free PMP Introductory program here, this gives good idea about PMP and project management.
I recommend the book, CD, quick reference and other materials from Andy Crowe: The PMP EXAM how to pass on your first try. The materials complement each other and are very exam oriented. It was adopted by the PMP Exam course of the Central Alabama chapter of PMI. I passed on my first try.
I agree, Rita Mulcahy + Fastrack + PMBOK
I read/studied the PMBOK with a PMI local chapter's study group. Then the Rita Mulcahy's prep book on my own and then scanned the PMBOK again. Took all the practice questions in the Rita and really studied the explanations. After all that, I took the exam and passed on my first try. Good luck!
Go through PMBoK Guide and practice some questions....If you can relate the processes to your experience... believe me you won't need any other reading... All these how to books and articles consumes more time than the worth of value they add.
Still if you are looking for an additional book, I recommend HeadFirst and Rita... but keep in mind exam won't test you for what is there in Rita book but on the concepts in PMBoK.
Following Sequency of Study

1. PMBOK 5 and relate it with your job profile .
15 Days (Weekly 10 Hr)

2. OReilly.Head.First.PMP.4rd.Edition and
PMBOK 5 . Make your notes
You must undersand and memorise Page 61 of PMBOK.

30 Days (Weekly 10 Hr)

3. Where you find any diffculty use Youtube Video to watch
(Lot of Good Video Available free of Cost)

15 Days (Weekly 10 Hr)

4. Use some simulation exam to check your readyness
If you score more than 75% go for PMP exam

15 Days (Weekly 10 Hr)


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