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Topics: Using PMI Standards
Availability of PDUs for PMI-PBA holders
As a recently certified PMI-PBA (without a PMP), I find that most relevant webinars and presentations are still limiting themselves to awarding PDUs for only project and program management certifications. This includes presentations concerning stakeholder analysis, requirements management, elicitation, and evaluation of solutions. While a small handful do acknowledge and credit PMI-PBA holders, most do not.

I simply ask that continuing education presenters to begin considering whether the topics that they present can in any way be tied to the knowledge areas and practices for business analysis. It can only help from a project management perspective to ensure that business analysis configures prominently in its literature and its professional development. We BAs are out there, and we are looking to develop, and we are looking to gain credit for that development - and if you build it, we will come.
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Try to earn some PDUs online from and you can find some specifically for PMI-PBA.
It's the same with PMI-ACP. While many topics are valuable for both classic and agile approaches, for the ACP no PDUs are offered. I think, this should be the standard, except there is a particular rationale to indicate a topic doesn't relate to ACP or even PBA. Actually, it seems to be moreover the default not to offer PDUs for these. This might discourage somebody to sit for these exams and therefore to learn the stuff. Hopefully it turns.

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