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Leadership Webinar May 2015 - Becoming a Project Leader: Seven Keys to Success - Clay Springer Discussion
Here is where we will continue our offline discussion on Clay Springer Webinar - May-2015 - "Becoming a Project Leader: Seven Keys to Success" Link to webinar :
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I dropped from the webinar. The audio issues with the presenter were giving me a headache and I couldn't understand anything. The moderator was fine. Please check equipment in advance. I was really interested in this topic and this was disappointing.
Another aspect of PM Leadership: Seven Keys to Success, for additional knowledge

File attached.

Excellent presentation and very motivating. I am excited to incorporate these effort into my daily management and allow the transition to happen organically.
Actually I am working to develop a way to measure key leadership skills over PM in the organizations through different methods and in that way thorugh continue feedback contorl and develop him as a leader.. what do you recomeend me to measure this
I enjoyed the presentation, although the audio was a bit challenging.
I think the gist of the presentation is that we as PM's CAN be leaders and the shift is really a mindset.

We can learn techniques that allow us to not just Manage a project, but to lead a team to delivery.

Thanks Clay!
Questions from the Audience. Please feel free to chime in with the answers to these questions . When answering, please quote the question as well so we can follow the context.

Randall Simmons: Question: Are the limitations on the PM not a symptom of their organization?
Nilufer Surveyor: What do you mean by "Leadership Gaps"?????
Claire Sorial: In a functional organization, sometimes the project managers do not have the power of being leaders ... how can this change?
William Welman: QUESTION: I have an MBA in Project Management from an Accredited University. Do I really need a PMP?
Uriel Malyankar: Question: What do you think of the concept of "servant leadership" as a practice for project leadership when you are managing a group of talented SMEs?
Syed Nisar Ul Haq: QUESTION: Are these 7 principles applicable to Project Managers in different kinds of organizations. Specifically, functional organizations
Suzanne Olson: Question: Tips for working remotely? I work from a home office. ALL my meetings are remote.
Lisa Hanger: would be great to have a follow up webinar on how others accomplish this or share ideas
Terri Roberts: How do you redirect mindsets of people who only want to focus on portions of a project when you were not initially the project leader?
SADIK ALGÜL: do we require expert power to achieve that?
Margarita Matos: How do you feel about 1-2-1 meetings in place of some, not all, team meetings?
Tina Crotty: Some of the comments in this window made me think of a great follow up talk: How to be an effective PL while remote. Many of us work remotely. How can we be effective while remote? What specific strategies can we employ to do that?
Suzanne Olson: Why the concern about power? I've been a PM forever and have never wondered about how much power I have. Don't get it. Therefore have no authority over others
Ashok Guru: Question: In an organization that is political or militaristic, how does this work? This seems to be more like an opportunity in a healthy organizational structure?
Richard de Lima: QUESTION: Are leaders born?
Lisa Hanger: Is he suggesting developing consensus building as 80%
Erick Jimenez: Question: Can you please give us an example of how to apply these techniques on remote teams?
Fredrick Denham: What are some techniques for "working your body" virtually, when you are managing virtual teams?
Lina Martinez: QUESTION: How can a measure leadership skills so I can control them
Osama Abdel Hadi: I'm resending my question as it may not have been captured: Isn't "leadership" more dependent on talents and natural charisma? Some techniques and experience can be gained, but that could be limited.
Michael Lalaian: How would you suggest we blend or apply PMI/PMP within Agile/Scrum environment?

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