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Leadership Webinar Jun 2015 - Strengthen Your Project Management Leadership Skills - Laszlo - Discussion
This is the official discussion thread of the webinar Jun-2015 - Strengthen Your Project Management Leadership Skills.
All questions from the webinar is posted here. You have a chance to discuss the questions and continue the conversation much more deeper.
Also attached is the link to the presentation in PDF.
Link to the webinar:
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is a pdf version of presentation available now?
Does pdf version of this presentation for download is available now?

File attached.

There is no PDF link here!
this is link for pdf.....

it does not contain a link...just opens another presentation screen
link is to wrong presentation
I believe you posted the incorrect PDF for this event.
thank you sujatha got it
The PDF attached is different than what is being shown. PDF is called Transitioning from Project Manager to Project Leader.
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