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Financial Services Project Management

What are the sample projects that you have completed in the Financial Services field?

What regulations do you have to consider while managing projects in thsi field?

Since most of my project management experience in the financial services industry, I already encounter quite the range of projects. This included system upgrade projects, system implementation projects and system integration projects on the IT related side. I also did regulatory requirements analysis and implementation projects and governance projects. You can find an overview and more details on my project experience on my website:
there are quite a number of regulations in place, mainly depending on the jurisdiction you are working in. For European Union for example you would have to consider the union wide regulations published by the European securities and markets authority, you also have to consider the local implementation of these regulations and additional national law. Also in any financial services company you will find a number of internal policies and regulations that you have to comply with. They may covered the area of project management itself and will most certainly touch the areas of implementation.

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