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Agile PM Tool

What is your recommended tool for Agile Project Management that can include your artifacts; e.g. project charter, schedule, kanban board, task board, risk board, retrospectives, mandatory status reports, procurement documents, wikis, etc.?
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Hi Arlene,
I doubt that there is one single tool that will fit all your needs. To account for the child needs in the project, there is a variety on the market. Joyce will also depend on the size and complexity of the project.
I personally could get some experience in tools like project place, Trello, and mind manager. Project place so far was the closest to integrate most of what you were asking for.
Your choice will depend on your budget available for such a solution.
I personally believe that for most situations you are likely to go for a selection of tools to suit your needs. At the same time of course it is crucial to keep the number of tools as low as possible to keep your complexity under control.
Since posting your original message, have you made any new experiences that you could share here?

Trello is a great tool, I have started using it recently and I am impressed. Other tools that we have used in the past are Confluence, JIRA and Rally

Yea, all tools have their high and low points also based on the specific goal in mind.

Choose your tools based on your battle *smile*

You can also try out Kanban, Arlene. While not technically agile, Kanban can provide a just-in-time quality to your projects. There are a variety of free tools you can pick from.

i know something better ... check it out

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