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Looking for a PM. Consultant to setup PMO for a Diverse Financial Services group, please inbox me for further details

Assignment will be to identify and implement a methodology based on a defined PM standard or framework ( PMBOK), that will ensure effective delivery of ICT and other projects, automate the methodology and identify other PMIS tools, transfer skills to operate the methodology and tools by running a project or 2 thru the set PMO. The idea is to ensure every likely stakeholder (Technical stuff, Project Managers, Project Sponsors, Project customers)knows there roles in the project life-cycle, from Initiation to Closure, up to Post Project performance analysis
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Yes, I am interested. I have sent you a connection request and will inbox you when we are connected.

Suhail Iqbal

Hi Murambwa,

I'm interested too. I have sent your connection request. Please let me know further details.


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