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Leadership Webinar Aug 2015 - Growing your PM Leadership Toolkit - Connie Plowman

This is the official discussion thread of the webinar Aug 2015 - Growing your PM Leadership Toolkit - Connie Plowman. Here we will post all the questions asked during the webinar as well as presentation slides. Also there is an additional handout for the webinar attendees that will be posted here. Any questions or issues please contatc me - Suja
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Handouts 1 of 3

File attached.


Handouts 2 of 3

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Handout 3 of 3 (copy of presentation)

File attached.


I would like that slide. I know several people that think they want to become a PMP

re: walk the talk. Consider Gemba Walk.

in addition to the presentation, would you please suggest some techniques for gaining trust from the team and trust building between the team?

pls send ppt and templates, thx

Questions from our webinar: Please feel free to chime in with your thoughts. Do cut/paste the specific question you are answering so people can follow you.
Tessa Cappuccio: Is this basedon DISC? (reg what kind of leader are you?)
Fredrick Denham: QUESTION: is Strength Finders a book or website (or both)?
Karen Tack: Question: What size group work best for the Strengthfinder 2.0 team building idea?
PARAG KANDEKAR: Question: We assume this for Projectized Oragnization but incase of Matrix Organization where Functional Manager play key role - what could be additional points need to consider?
Chuck Rapp: Where is the info to map strengths to the PM proficiency categories?
William McNamara: Question: Compare / contrast to a Mission Statement.
Paula Williamson: @Sujatha if you can share with Vijay I captured all of our words for leader question to share
Prakash Tamhankar: Question: Communication has both sender and receiver - how to know how much is understood of what is communicated?

Is there a way to get all the presentation ? I missed the first 15 minutes due to audio problems.

Questioning, critical thinking and fact-based management tools: In addition to the presentation, would you please suggest tools with this purpose? Attached follows "Socrates Questioning Techinique".

File attached.

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