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What are critical sucess factors for successful PMO?
i'm during the correct data for made the thesis in master degree project management major.
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In my point of view, first of all, we have to align the Strategic Organizational business objective with PMO. In this regard, the PMO office should have full support of higher management.

Secondly, the project managers and senior management should be in continuous discussion to meet the strategic goals of the organization.

The main success factor for the successful PMO is to have collaborative approach towards the project governance and get the buy-in from all of the senior management.

I agree with Waqas.

The critical success factors for a successful PMO are alignment with the organization's vision and mission. Moreover, the PMO needs to provide value to the organization by delivering high value projects. Governance is key so that the business sponsors/project owners would be involved in prioritizing the projects and making sure that resources are available.

I agree with the fact that the PMO should be aligned to the strategic objectives of the company. Furthermore , I believe that every implementation must analyze the level of maturity in project management of the company to determine the role that the PMO will take to begin operations.

A gradual adoption of best practices, tools and techniques is the best way to ensure long-term implementation .

How do we judge the PMO organization to be successful in the project more than no organizations?

Thank you for taking the time to share information.

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