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IT Projects and the Environment
Many companies express their goal of being environmentally conscious. With respect to IT projects, can you help me with examples of how our projects can be more "green" or "environmentally responsible"?
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Some examples:

Great question! Some tips:

1. Using an online PM tool and posting project updates online instead of printing project documents and distributing them manually during project meetings.

2. Leveraging technology to communicate with project team members who maybe telecommuting or remote. Instead of commuting and meeting in one central location physically regularly , team members can do videoconference instead. Saves gas and time.

3. Designing easy to -use, easy to understand, and easy-to-train applications with online or real-time tool tips to minimize or replace printed manuals and/or onsite training.

Ideally you need to focus on reducing waste and protecting environment.

1. Using online tools to communicate and avoid printing papers
2. Use the grouped communication to avoid sending multiple emails.
3. Define a Power Saving policy, in case of IT do not leave your machine ON if not required on line. Keep the monitors switch off.
4.Avoid late stays and week ends to save energy and fuel.
Wonderful responses. I appreciate both responders for such thoughts.

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