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Next PMI Standards
What are the next standards PMI is working on? We already have an interesting set of standards and I expect the new concept of Talent Traingle will lead to many more standards and even revision to existing ones. What is your take on this?
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on my opinion it would be a "secondary" but very important efect. I think that the direction is to responsabilize the PM to have a more accurate knowledge on all elements needed for a correct and successful project management putting more emphasis than in the past in the soft skills and in the strategy.
at this moment I'm elaborating other considerations which I'd like to share when they will be more structured
While the 6th edition of the PMBOK won't be released for another few years, I'm very interested to see how the Talent Triangle concept Suhail mentioned is going to be integrated into the new PM Competency Development Framework, the 3rd edition of which should be released in the next month or two if the published timeframe is on-point.

Beyond that, the new Construction Extension to the PMBOK and the Requirement Gathering Practice Guide should be out this year. Both should generate a lot of interesting conversation once released.
Yes Eric, I am aware work is going on and requirements gathering standard would soon be released but PMBOK Guide 6th Ed is also due by early 2017, which I suppose will cursorily touch upon Talent Traingle. PMCDF 3rd Ed is a good candidate and we are anxiously waiting for its release. What are the next ideas for standards PMI may be working on?

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