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Leadership Webinar Sep-2015 - The Self-Made Program Leader - Taking Charge in Matrix Organizations
This is the official discussion thread of the webinar Sep 2015 - The Self-Made Program Leader - Taking Charge in Matrix Organizations - Steve Tkalcevich. Here we will post all the questions asked during the webinar as well as presentation slides. Any questions or issues please contatc me - Suja
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Attached is the presentation in PDF format.

File attached.

Audio with Adobe Connect.
Suja, I have attend many of the seminars, but always have to listen to the recording, as I can't hear the live audio. I have worked through all the suggestions. Might I have a firewall issue here at work? That is the only other thing I can think of at this point.

Wishing I could listen live.
Some of the questions that were raised and answered in the webinar today: (If you have additional thoughts, do chime in. Please ensure when replying, you cut/paste the relevant question so others can follow along):
1. Michael Ryan: If we clicked the link that was sent to us by will we get the PDU credited by PMI?
a. Sujatha Krishnaswamy: As long as you login and view the webinar in full, you will get PDU Credit

2. Benjamin Muatha: how do you create buyin/coalition in a multicultural setting

3. Eduardo Caro: What people must be part of your 6-10 support group ?
a. Sujatha Krishnaswamy: Hope you heard the answer...

4. Richard Powers: Steve - Can we get these slides?
a. Sujatha Krishnaswamy: Presentation & offline Discussion thread:

5. Vanessa Betty Calhoun: Did your survey findings align with your reality?

6. Terri Roberts: How important is organizational culture

7. John Dinh: Do you have any suggestion for virtual team?

8. Mohammad Al-Ansari: What is the number one tip for someone who moves from a following position into a leadership position in a matrix organization?

9. Laura Carrington Duckett: On this chart, it's hard to make out which bar is which due to grayscale instead of color bars.
10. Terri Roberts: How do you manage through organizational culture when it seems to not align
11. Mohammad Al-Ansari: How to build new relationships based on your new role, and not the 'this person was with us now a leader.etc' (Mohammad Al-Ansari: but what if you end up managing your teammates)
12. Tom Jahns: on the Self Awareness Checklist, can you expand on description of "currencies" or is it simply money.
Very useful thread. I downloaded the PDF and Q&A were really helpful.

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