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PMO transformation consultants

Seeking recommendations for consulting firms to provide guidance and support for our PMO transformation project for a newly formed PMO within the Specialty Insurance industry. We have identified several areas in need of improvement, including: Resource Management, Portfolio Management, Change Management, Project Management & Metrics. Any recommendations for consulting firms that could help us to perform a comprehensive evaluation of our PMO with the goal of developing and implementing a set of recommendations to improve PMO performance would be most appreciated.
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Have you tried posting an RFP or RFI that outlines your specific needs?

Arlene, good point. No we have not prepared an RFI, RFP. We have two proposals already in-hand, and would like to explore other options. If we were to prepare an RFI, how would this be communicated to potential vendors? My fear is that a public posting could generate lots of responses, which could be overwhelming to review.

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